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Single issues of the journal are $10, OR on the basis of unmeasured ongoing mutuality.  Cash only. 

What is ongoing mutuality?

Send something Dionysian (poèmes, articles to be published, trinkets, stamps, love letters, music, etc) that you believe we would adore & get an issue with inserts. Continue to send things, get all the issues et inserts. A dance between us, if you will. 

Double issues (we combine the seasons’ issues after each season, Fall, Spring, etc) are $15 or again, whatever Dionysian materials one wishes to trade. 

Note on issue count:

We were doing 3 issues a season, but we get carried away et make many more. So much to share! Due to our making them when we feel like it, those that pay per year will receive at least their three per season issues all year, no matter how many more we create. Works out nicely and keeps our mailing list easier. We plan to move an e-solution.

Again, ongoing mutuality is suitable here as well. The type of mutuality is up to you though do note that we are, in fact, distinctly, a Dionysian anarchic affair…

Note on mail:

This isn’t a business, it’s a playful project between a few people. We do minimum set of issues a season and do them as we feel like it (BY the season). One person does the mailing, mostly (unless the others are in town), and it can take a minute. If that isn’t for you, don’t get Dionysian. We aren’t beholden to anyone nor any timelines.

Books, zines, more
*NOTE, we are currently fresh out of our catalog and will be printing more. Expect it Sept 2020.
For a catalog of all of our booklets, zines, hardcover books, paperbacks, broadsheets, et cetera, you can request our catalog via the post. It’s $10.


We do not do online monies at this time, cash only, concealed. Exchanges of any kind & love letters are to be mailed to U.S. post, where they are picked up weekly et then sent up to BC Sound (Canada). Mail takes a minute going between places, note it. No, we won’t give you our Canada address



PO BOX 934 Hillsboro,

Oregon, USA, 97123

L’édition française: € 4.41  EUR /numéro (contact)

Inquire about the periodical or send e-submissions to: