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Bury an Anarchist & End of Life Planning Booklet

How to Bury an Anarchist is also a book available Oct 1st. Covers are hand-stamped. Carvings & illustrations by Apio Ludd / Wolfi Landstreicher. Cemetery contents by burial grounds creator/DD editor Fíona (& Wolfi) & rewilding, reforestation & so much more inside written by some of your favorite anarchists. To read more about this new […]

New column: How to Bury an Anarchist

How to Bury an Anarchist added to Distinctively Dionysian!  This now monthly addition follows along with the creation of a natural burial ground & forest restoration/conservation cemetery simultaneously blossoming in both Southern Oregon & British Columbia.   How to Bury an Anarchist explores a variety of land and conservation topics from acquisition to actively protecting the […]