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New Renzo Novatore, Isabelle Eberhardt, Love letter to Egoists & More

New Renzo Novatore translations & a set of captivating postcards are complete for the October issue of Distinctively Dionysian.  Thrilled about the first issue of Autumn 2019 as we’ve included Novatore’s Oscar Wilde book reviews, a passionate love letter to egoists by Alexandra David-Néel, some rare Isabelle Eberhardt, Baudelaire and much more.   To receive a […]

Strangers in an Alien World, Wolfi Landstreicher

Some thoughts on being an anarchist at the beginning of the 21st century Strangers in an Alien World is a serialized book-in-progress by Wolfi Landstreicher, that frst appeared in issues of Modern Slavery, the journal. The follow-up to Strangers will be published in our periodical Distinctively Dionysian.    Introduction “…we are alone, with an entire world ranged against us.” -Andrea […]

“Yesterday, in the courtyard at Caponiere, in the Vincennes forest, the former dancer, Mata Hari was executed.” ~ Bruno Filippi

From the Autumn issue… Bruno Filippi.. The short, cruel words of the telegram filled my heart with sadness. Oh, Mata Hari. Oh, Mata Hari, surely you never imagined such a sad end. Surely, in spite of your skepticism, you still did not believe that the men who were crazy for you could be so vile. […]