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Novatore titles


Just a quick note. Novatore book titles will be available for purchase online when they et the Bacchus Editions site is complete.

Previously unpublished Novatore one-off pamphlets are available now via post request.



New site..

Taking a sweet, small break from media accounts as we continue to build our new site for Bacchus Editions. There, you will be able to order directly from the print shop, track orders, gift others, contribute to éditions, get news of the many book releases, and so on. We are excited about it!

Correspondence via our emails and always via the poste, remain ongoing, as do the various ongoing mutualities and projects we are working on. Just removing distractions as we expand and create oh so much more.

All mail up to Aug 1 is currently caught up on with endless packages in transit. Do write us if you would like tracking on any of that…


Be back very soon with an additional playful site!



Love the interest in all things Novatore but note: the big books are not ready for you to purchase yet. A few of you have sent random things and monies with short notes saying ‘I want all the Novatore books’. That’s not going to cut it, the books are definitely not $5 and all giveaways are to Earth-kin and those we have a ‘relation’ with already. As to new subscribers, you can certainly buy the new books when Bacchus Editions goes fully live for your order. 

Again, when the Bacchus Editions’ site is up and they’re complete and printed in full, then they will be available. Some draft runs have been sent out, we thank you for having a third look at them for us! Your books are on us. 

Until then, the Novatore mini books and booklets are what we have re: previously unpublished works available for mail order and trade. These include Our Ethic, Individualism, In the Woods, etc. The full catalog can be requested and each show what is available and what is not at any given time. 

Note the above is about the Novatore large books only. Trades, sweetness, all other beautiful things are of unmeasured mutuality always get Dionysian! Xx


Anarchist Individualism, Renzo Novatore ~ from ‘Beyond the Arch’, Bacchus Editions, 2020.

For your reading pleasure, as we all await the new

Inside the Renzo Novatore books, ‘Poetry of my Rebellion’ and ‘Beyond the Arch’ (to be released by our mothership, Bacchus Editions) ~ are incredible volumes of never before published writings.

Click to view PDF, or right-click, save.



sings of Individualism as part and

parcel of anarchism, with all the poetic fire and fury we expect from him.

This wildly exciting piece is a response to his friend, Auro d’Arcola, who penned a polemic against Individualist Anarchism in Iconoclasta! in the issue prior to this fire starter response!

Enjoy, amis.

All Things Wild & Free.
~° Fíona

What I like to drink most is wine that belongs to others ~Diogenes 

Anarchist Individualism Renzo Novatore-from Beyond the Arc-Bacchus Editions,2020

Visions of Child of Zarathustra, Excerpt from Beyond the Arch, Renzo Novatore, Bacchus Editions, 2020.


Another peek at Beyond the Arch, Renzo Novatore. Bacchus Editions.


PDF: Excerpt from ‘Beyond the Arch’ by Renzo Novatore. Translated by Wolfi Landstreicher with further additions by Fiona V. for Distinctively Dionysian & friends’ publishing adventure, Bacchus Editions.


Beyond the Arch is a work of pure beauty, containing hundreds of Renzo Novatore writings that have never been compiled nor put to English, French, or German.

This piece is from a section titled, “Visions of a Child of Zarathustra.”

Notable here is the many Luciferian / Blakean / Nietzschean references, et, of course, Novatore’s everlasting nod to Max Stirner.


Note: This low-resolution image comes from inserts in the book, the actual page is illuminating, foiled, et feels delectable in your hands! This image was rendered for sharing online.

Renzo Novatore, Of Individualism and Rebellion, an excerpt from Beyond the Arch

Novatore, Beyond the Arc, Bacchus Editions. 

Click to download the two page PDF

Excerpt is taken from the new book Beyond the Arch, a continuing look at the extensive rebellion of anarchiste Renzo Novatore.

Of Individualism and Rebellion was written just two months before his execution. Enjoy.

If you would like the OCR for this file, just contact 


Surrealism and its Popular Accomplices, Download

Surrealism & it’s Popular Accomplices Zine / Book, Double Edition v. Cultural Correspondence, Franklin Rosemont.

Long out of print. Click below for the full PDF.

Surrealism & Its Popular Accomplices

Bruno Filippi, Mata Hari

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“Yesterday, in the courtyard at Caponiere, in the Vincennes forest, the former dancer, Mata Hari was executed.”

The short, cruel words of the telegram filled my heart with sadness. Oh, Mata Hari. Oh, Mata Hari, surely you never imagined such a sad end. Surely, in spite of your skepticism, you still did not believe that the men who were crazy for you could be so vile.

Nobody tried to defend you, nobody wanted to risk a thing for you. These gentlemen who fell at your feet like rotten fruit, who revealed all the most secret documents to your eyes, who did not hesitate to ruin family and fatherland in order to possess you, these gentle men were afraid to try anything for you.

And so they let a squad of common soldiers kill you like a rabid dog in a damp courtyard, by discharging red-hot lead into your divine body. And probably some of those high-toned Catos will publicly rejoice in the severity of the judges.

Phew! A spy! Cowards!

Those who wouldn’t hesitate to make thousands of workers die of hunger, solely for profit; those who would risk the prosperity of entire provinces at the stock exchange simply to sate themselves with gold; those who would betray that which they call fatherland in an instant for their selfish ends; they feigned a feeling of horror when the preliminary investigation revealed what they already knew.

Phew! A spy! In order to possess you, they revealed the most delicate secrets of the nation; in order to possess you, they delivered the plans for the strongest fortress to you; in order to possess you, they gave you the lives of thousands of men as a gift. Now that you are dead, they trample you with disgust, insult you and wash their hands in your blood.

Mata Hari has been executed! Poor Mata! Who would have thought that you would meet such a savage end? When the luxurious automobile took you through the magnificent boulevards of Paris, charming in your costly gowns, who would have ever thought that a lowly prison cell would one day be your home. When your nude, throbbing, willowy body, the body of an enchantress, roused the whispers and lust of a thousand gentlemen in swallow-tailed coats and monocles in the golden salons of the high aristocracy, who would have thought that you would fall in the mud of a filthy fortress courtyard, your body riddled with bullets on a sad, rainy day?

Poor Mata!

I don’t pity the soldiers who die because of you. The brute mass that lets itself be dragged to the slaughterhouse without any impulse toward rebellion, that lets itself be butchered in such a way with no reason, that abandons everything that is most dear at mere orders from a leaflet affixed to a wall, is too vile: it deserves death, it deserves the executioner’s blade.

But you, poor Mata, you were beautiful! And supreme beauty is beyond good and evil. Dying because of a marvelous woman is always the best death.

Rest in peace, poor Mata! Someone who never knew you has sworn to avenge you. And the memory of your blood-drenched eyes will drive his dagger; the vision of your mutilated body will render his bomb more effective.


New Renzo Novatore et Bruno Filippi translations


Bonsoir. There are twelve new Renzo Novatore writings, never before in English, now included in Distinctively Dionysian’s remaining spring ’20 issues. Due to the volume of new translations of both Novatore and Bruno Filippi, we created two 24-page stand-alone issues et one 78 page booklet to be released alongside the Summer issues.

Here is one of the pages taken from the second issue of Spring 20, for your pleasure. May click or right-click this PDF link to view et expand.

Dionysian Spring 2/4 2020, Novatore, Insert

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